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who installs?

Every house is different, every family is different. Revosolar wants to make things easy; for installation of your solar generator we propose three alternatives;

do it yourself

If you are a little handy you can install yourself without much problems. No special tools are needed and most connections are plug & play. Our instruction manual and demo video will guide you, and of course we are always available through our hotline.

your local installer

Without doubt you could have a preference for your local electrician. Most of them already have hands-on experience in solar. If not, revosolar will guide them through the process.

with revosolar

Revosolar installs many installations and works with a network of national installing partners.

ask for an installation offer

When you complete the form below we will calculate the cost for installing your solar kit. Oviously without any obligations. Oiur solar offer includes:


  • total electricity consumption
  • solar simulation
  • needed solar energy production
  • cost of the solar installation, complete Kit or turn-key installed
  • profitability of the installation (pay-back)
  • finance plan (if desired)
  • includes a 25 year warranty

This way you will have all the necessary information to think at all ease if the proposal is convincing or if you want some modifications. You can be sure the installation is custom designed for your specific situation, avoiding disappointments. Our only objective is to generate a satisfied client; a new ambassador for solar energy!

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