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what does Wp and kWh mean? »
what does PV (Photovoltaic) mean? »
what is the difference between a PV panel and a Thermal panel? »
what is an inverter? »
what different types of solar panels exist? »
is there a difference between black or blue solar panels? »

how does it work

how does a PV solar installation work? »

isolated, assisted or net balance?

a. isolated solar power »
b. assisted solar power »
c. interconnected solar: net balance »

If you have any question related to the best system for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. There is always a solution!

installing solar panels

can I mount solar panels myself? »
do I have to change my electricity meter? »
do I need an additional new group in my meter cupboard? »
how to connect the solar panels to the inverter? »
how many panels can I connect in a new or free group? »

how much can I produce?

solar radiation in Europe »
does it also work on cloudy days? »
now many panels should or can I install? »
what is the optimal panel inclination? »
how much energy produces a solar panel? »


are there many solar panels installed in the world? »
do I need special permits for solar panels? »
will my electrical appliances work well on solar? »
why do revosolar kits cost less? »
are solar panels safe? »
what is the difference between inverter brands? »
is there any risc of lightning impact? »
I have black roof tiles; are there any black panels? »
do i have to protect the panels against heavy weather? »
what kind of maintenance do solar panels need? »
what is the 'life' of a solar panel? »
is there any difference among panel brands? »


can I get financing for the purchase of solar panels? »
are their any tax benefits for solar panels? »
are their any subsidies for solar energy? »
how do I recover my investment in solar? »