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how much panels do I need?

Every house is different, every family is different. Not only the quantity and profile of energy consumption is different, but also the shape, size and position of the roof of every house. Through experience we know that the majority of errors in the purchase process of solar panels occur in the initial phase when dimensioning the solar installation. For as many solar kits there are available in the market, integrating solar in each house is still a customization issue.

You probably already have seen that revosolar offers many types of solar kits with different connection possibilities (net-balance, assisted-solar, isolated-solar). Now it is time to be precise and calculate exactly how many solar panels you need and how and where they can be mounted on your roof. Taking into account the sun position, eventual shades, type of roofing, profile of electrical consumption and of course your specific wishes and conditions.

To start, observe the table below and look for the annual electricity consumption in kWh from your utility bills. Select the number in the column on the right which aproximates most to your consumption. The table indicates horizontally how many panels you would need, the total surface and the nominal power of your solar installation;

ask for a proposal

Revosolar wants to make things as easy as possible for you; if you need more help, fill in the form below and we will calculate the dimensions of your solar system. Don't forget to indicate your total annual electricity consumption, or how much energy you want to save or generate. We will send you a free quote of our offer;


  • total electricity consumption
  • solar simulation
  • needed solar energy production
  • cost of the solar installation, complete Kit or turn-key installed
  • profitability of the installation (pay-back)
  • finance plan (if desired)
  • includes a 25 year warranty

This way you will have all the necessary information to think at all ease if the proposal is convincing or if you want some modifications. You can be sure the installation is custom designed for your specific situation, avoiding disappointments. Our only objective is to generate a satisfied client; a new ambassador for solar energy!

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