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how to start?

If you need help with starting your solar project we can help out. Without any commitment we can explain the process step by step to resolve all aspects of a solar project;

  • preliminary solar calculation
  • project simulation
  • feasibility analysis
  • 'due diligence' reports
  • specifications for public tenders
  • engineering & design
  • production of special components
  • central purchase and international logistics
  • installation on site
  • financial project management
  • solar plant management

Whatever the size of the project or location, we can help. Contact one of our specialists now.


In the menu 'tools' you will find all kinds of information to begin designing your own solar project.

how to buy?

You can buy online directly in our web shop or in our shop in Girona. Our warranties will give you all the comfort of a safe purchase. Kindly place your order online or by phone or mail. Before you decide we will send you a detailed free quote.

how to install?

Obviously there are several ways to install solar equipment. We suggest three:

do it yourself

If you have DIY 'hands' you can install it yourself. No special tools are required and most of the connections are 'plug & play'. Our installation manual and demo-video will take you step by step, and you can always use our hotline.

with your local installer

You can have preference for your electrician from your neighbourhood or town. Most electricians have experience with solar energy and if not, revosolar can help them out.

with revosolar

Revosolar has installed many facilities in Spain and has a network of local installers.

T. (+34) 972 490 981