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Energía Solar y Agua

create life

When natural resources like Water and Sun come together, they create a miracle called life. Solar power today offers the most amazing ability to bring or attract water where we need it most. Solar-water is a powerful tool for the development of agriculture, opening new perspectives in areas where there was no life before. Revosolar offers compact and complete solutions for solar-pumping, solar-desalination and solar-irrigation systems. Contact our engineers for more specific information where we can guide you in exploring solar-water options for your project.

solar pumping systems

Electric pumps are required to lift and transport the water where we need it, sometimes at considerable distances. From the 90s, the concept of solar pumps was developed and it has taken some years to reach technology maturity. Todays’ systems have been tested and used in many parts of the world. Despite the initial cost, solar pumps are a superior economical alternative to the worldwide installed diesel operated pumps.

The break-even cost is usually reached in 1-2 years . Apart from this, solar pumps offer complete independence, do not require monitoring or refuelling, and have no need for repair and maintenance.

remote pumping

Solar pumps - special automated DC pumps, have proven their reliability in remote areas without accessibility to the grid. Electricity is generated by solar PV panels during the day. The free solar energy feeds the solar powered pump, controlled by a remote control system and charges batteries at the same time. The battery system has enough power to keep pumping at night and even offers extra energy for lightbulbs, telecom and other needs. The system works automatically and is protected with an accumulation tank and level meters.

reliable systems

Revosolar works together with leading manufacturers such as Lorentz, Grundfos, etc...

professional irrigation systems

As an extension of our solar pumping systems and in collaboration with manufacturers of irrigation systems, we provide an integration of irrigation systems with solar energy. The result is that the entire irrigation process will not need any energy or fuel. When combined with the generation of water via solar-osmosis or solar-pumping, all the water and irrigation will come out for free. The system is very reliable and maintenance-free, so it does not need supervision or manpower for operation. When connected with an IP module (Internet via 3G) we can easily control everything remotely.

Our robust systems offer an intelligent irrigation water system even for harsh conditions. Revosolar only works with professional manufacturers of irrigation systems:

  • Hunter
  • Weathermatic
  • Rainbird

We use different irrigation systems, depending on the requirements for the specific growth and the availability of water:

  • Pressure compensated dropping lines (up 4L/h/m2)
  • micro spray and spinners
  • LF sprinkler systems
  • mobile sprinkler systems
  • irrigation systems by flooding

solar desalination - reverse osmosis

97% of the water on our planet is sea-water. And since 60% of the world population lives within 60 km of the coastline, sea water is destined to be the greatest alternative natural resource in most areas in the coming decades. Especially in arid coastal regions, solar desalination can mean the difference in having or not having water. Additionally it also offers advantages such as reducing dependence on other regions or eliminating the need to transport and import water from long distances.

proven technology

There are two types of processes for the desalination of sea water - which contains almost 100 times the amount of salt recommended by WHO for human consumption;

thermal desalination

To separate salt from water, thermal desalination processes convert seawater into vapour and then condenses in distillation facilities. This can be done by natural sunlight, by concentrating solar power or by classical combustion processes. On a small scale this method offers no solution.

reverse osmosis

The process of reverse osmosis works through a very fine membrane to filter salt and other impurities, which are filtered under high pressure through a micro membrane. The resulting water is 100% pure. The high pressure system requires a unique strength of the system and its membranes, and a high energy consumption. Combining the osmosis system with the power of a Solar PV system, reduces consumption to zero, and the payback of the cost of the system is fast.


Revosolar projects and installs a wide range of reverse osmosis systems (RO) 100% powered by solar energy. Robust, energy efficient and reliable, we collaborate with the leading manufacturers of RO systems, delivering water machines that produce pure and safe drinking water from any (clean) source of seawater, consuming up to 80% less energy than conventional systems; perfect to work with PV Solar.

Our RO kits come complete with: