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Iluminación Solar

Solar LED street lighting

The world is spinning faster these days. Maybe it is time to change the public lighting system that has not changed over the past 30 years! Instead of the old HP (high pressure) Sodium lamps, we propose LEDs, which consume 5 times less energy. And if we equip these with solar PV panels the operation cost is zero. The enormous energy cost of public lighting in our cities and roads can be literally zero! The advantages are spectacular: not only LED bulbs last 20 times longer, they consume 5 times less energy (in combination with solar, zero), and do not need any underground wiring, avoiding many hours of maintenance and bulbs changes.... LED street lighting also gains quality! As you will see below the yield and quality of light is higher, and thus also safety for the roads. The result is better quality at lower cost, perfect for a sustainable culture. Solar LED lighting will notably payback the investment of the switch within months, and from there on will certainly gain dramatic savings.

a world of benefits

The wide range of Solar-LED offer a long list of benefits, which puts the (conventional) old system completely in the shade:

long life

Solar-LED lamps have a working life of 20 years compared with 1 year of classical Sodium lamps. Also the bulbs are cheaper and easier to install. No need to change all the bulbs each year is definitely a considerable cost saving.

low consumption

LED lamps consume 5 times less energy than traditional HP sodium. Multiply this annually, and the electricity cost of the city reduces by 20%. And when equipped with solar panels the consumption is zero! No need for costly underground grid connections. When equipped with subterranean batteries, the system works all night.

perfect for Solar

LEDs work with both direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) 230V, which is perfect for solar panels and batteries (DC), loading the system by day and producing all the necessary nightlight.

revolutionary photometric design

The world's first dedicated optical system (square focus lens) for a perfect control of uniform light distribution with a rectangular lightbeam, ensuring an even distribution and perfect clarity of the road.

integrated radiator

Greater protection for the LED life for optimal heat distribution, integrated into the design and structure of the lamps’ housing.

intelligent control

Each LED module is equipped with an intelligent control system; for any type of power supply or the quality of the current (peaks, low), it is capable of producing a constant current, which ensures that that the LED can work in ideal circumstances.

no adverse reflections

Eliminates the negative effects caused by adverse reflections, interference, and eyestrain, produced by sodium lamps. Improving road safety by reducing the possibility of accidents.

light illumination

The distribution of light is focused precisely on a given rectangle of the road surface, and thus will not illuminate areas outside this area. This will eliminate the inconvenience of local residents near the road.

low voltage

The low voltage of LEDs prevents static adhesion of dust, causing loss of brightness and premature aging of sodium lamps.

low temperature

LEDs operate at very low temperature, which avoids 'yellowing' by premature aging and loss of brilliance.

voltaic wide tolerance

Traditional sodium lamps only work within a Voltage tolerance of ± 7% (which reduces their life expectancy and brilliance). The LEDs work within a limit of ± 20%, which preserves their long life and light quality.

start immediately

LED lights reach full brightness immediately and do not require a long period of heating up through intensive energy usage.

no effect

LED’s eliminate visual fatigue caused by strobe lights of driving through sodium light streets, because LED’s produce a more uniform distribution of light throughout the area.

real colours

LED illumination provides greater natural colour rendering versus artificial standard lighting sodium lamps, which will contribute to greater safety on the roads.

LED illumination offers greater rendering of the natural colours compared to the artificial standard sodium lighting lamps;

This greatly contributes to greater safety on the road, city and parking: