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Energía Fotovoltáica para Empresas

solar power plants

If you are interested in solar power plants, you should talk to us. Professional solar farms are a very profitable investment with high capital yields, offering good prospects in the short, medium and long term.

The current crisis is basically an energy crisis and having your own powerplant ensures the future. Revosolar provides a heavy duty design that can guarantee 25 years of harmonized and pure electricity production, either grid connected or grid independent.

start your own power company

There is nothing better than starting your own power company and being independent of the oil market. Revosolar designs, builds, installs and maintains all possible configurations:

- on-grid (connected to the grid)
- off-grid (not connected to the grid)
- feed-in (the electric market purchases your energy)
- back-up (with batteries to compensate grid blackouts)

Revosolar, and your own team, can monitor and control all parameters of the power plant, 24/7 online via internet IP*, smartphone or SMS. This system can detect any small defect in one of the hundreds (or thousands) of panels installed. We can also advise on the maintenance program, or help with managing your powerplant. Some production facilities are managed or operated by revosolar.

* Includes automated monthly reporting of production statistics, efficiency levels, incidents, revenues and costs of the general operation of a power plant

high productivity - low cost

Whether you need power for your offices, factory, town or city or for the sale of electricity to third parties, we will support you with the best in solar technology. High profitability means maximum production at lowest cost. Simulated solar engineering, feasibility in calculations, high quality components, integrated cost control, security mechanisms, minimal maintenance… all necessary for a guaranteed 25 year supply of efficient and reliable clean electrical power.

Revosolar has installed plants of 20kW, 100kW and several megawatts, many in operation for over 10 years. The design decisions made in the simulation phase and preparation are key to the future balance of revenues and costs.

what else can I expect?

First there is a respectable amount involved in building a PV power plant: 10 Megawatt at a cost of 1.5 Euro per Watt, mean 15 million Euros. This requires hyper-realistic and prudent estimates of production based on solar radiation statistics of the last 100 years, economic business simulation, feasibility studies and financial studies.

When everything is secured, including the PPA contracts (Power Purchasing Agreement) which establish the 'feed-in' rates to the wholesale market, the project can proceed. All this means is that the company who builds your solar powerplant should have more 'know-how' then only engineering and installation. It should also be able to perform all legal procedures and financial services and have access to key institutional organizations.

Second, a solar plant needs maintenance, management and protection. As we are highly involved in the management and operation of solar power plants, we can help with all aspects to build quality performance.

Through software control and monitoring systems we can monitor online via IP (internet), satellite, or smartphone, all aspects of all installed components, as well as the daily energy production and overall efficiency. The monthly billings of kWh production of the plant to the grid or consuming companies is done automatically through the output meters.

Call us for advice on any aspect of your new solar power project.

examples of solar power plants

Here are some recent examples of small & medium sized solar powerplants, designed, build and in some cases managed by revosolar. There are virtually no limits for larger installations (up to 5GW). They will all be clean easy & free!