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Energía Gratis para Empresas

vitamins for your business

Our goal is to install a solar power generator for your business or public building, which produces electricity or heat that reduces cost, adds value and comfort to your organization. The systems offer a high performance, are 100% tested and guaranteed the lowest possible costs. The solar installation provides a return on investment of 15-20% per annum, or 600% for the first 25 years. The components are guaranteed for high quality electricity production without interference for 25 years, but last much longer than this.

The last thing you need is an added problem in your company. So in addition to free energy, your company will become energy-independent and will have complete control of your own energy, monitoring 24/7 via internet or smartphone. There will be little else to do other than watch as the counter adds benefits to your business, day after day.

company systems

We distinguish 3 types of solar systems for businesses:
a. net balance
b. isolated / hybrid
c. company pool

net balance

A net balance solar installation means that your company is both connected to the grid and to a solar installation. In this case your company has a double input / output counter. The energy fed-in to the network can be consumed whenever you want for no cost, because it is produced by you, and so it is your property! No need to install batteries, because the power grid serves as our battery.

Thus at the end of the month, the balance between electricity consumed and injected into the network can be zero, and therefore your electricity bill also. Hence the name of NET BALANCE . This is the most convenient, efficient and universally adopted in all countries within the European Union .... except in SPAIN!

Clearly the future of Spain is to follow this model, but for now the Spanish government prefers to protect the interests of the utility corporations, above the interests of the people, despite protests from around the world, including the European Union.

If you have any question related to the best system for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. There is always a solution!.

Isolated / hybrid

An isolated solar system means it is disconnected from the mains. We distinguish three cases:

1. Your company has no connection to the network (off-grid), for example in remote farmhouses and buildings. In this case you will have solar panels and batteries and it will also save the cost of bringing the power line to your house.

2. Your company is connected to the network, but this connection isn't used. In fact the network is switched off because it has solar panels during the day, and batteries for energy at night.

3. The house is connected to the network, but only at night when there is no solar energy; The house is isolated from the network during the day. We call this a hybrid system. In cases 2 and 3 Revosolar recommends our hybrid SOLARROUTER system.

pool of companies

This configuration means that several companies - eg an industrial park or a mall - come together to create a photovoltaic system that will serve all. Clearly the savings on investment is greater than if each one builds their individual system. Another advantage is that they can sell the surplus on the open electricity market. Regulations need to meet a number of conditions, such as requesting a connection point to the electricity grid, a deposit guarantee, to have planning permission and registration of pre-allocation. These procedures are not feasible for low power installation, but surely worth the paperwork for large installations. Revosolar can advise and carry out the necessary procedures. Consult our large scale solar department for more information.