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Aplicaciones para Empresas

your roof may be the most profitable element of your business

Although solar energy today is used in many ways and places, the most efficient and profitable way is on the roof of buildings. The roofs are of no value, until now. The amount of sun that is falling on our deck is huge and we should take advantage of this. Revosolar is specialized in solar roof systems and we have the optimum solution for every situation. Contact our technicians for advice on the best option for your company.

public buildings

Making public buildings more profitable is definitely a priority for our public managers. The solar roofs on public buildings produce significant savings for society. If we add aesthetics, functionality, and a fine example of sustainable policy, should there be any reason for not thinking about solar energy?

livestock farm

Farm animals consume more energy than humans. They need good care, lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, food and incubators, nonstop, 24 hours a day. Solar energy can literally reduce the energy bill to zero. You will not be the first farmer to discover this. (Ask our service desk re. agro-leasing)


Cost control in greenhouses is vital for this type of operations. A lot of power is needed, both in winter (heating) and summer (cooling, ventilation), water (irrigation) and lots of artificial light. Our special system for greenhouses intelligently uses semi-transparent panels to take advantage of natural light, climate control and moisture management. The system is designed as a comprehensive solution that includes financing. (Ask our service desk re. agro-leasing)

industrial buildings

If you are an entrepreneur and interested in solar energy, no doubt you'll know all about cost efficiency and how to make your work for your company. How about an annual return (ROI) of 12-26%, a total return on investment of 300-600% and a safety factor of 'zero risk'? And at the same time obtain an excellent example of a green marketing platform for your business?

commercial buildings

The potential of solar roofs for commercial buildings is enormous. A mall could earn a significant additional income, upto € 68, - per m2, 15% return on investment or triple the return of the total investment. If you know the value of a meter of shopshelf, how could you leave unutilized so many meters of roof? Solar energy is creating value out of 'nothing' ...


No doubt your community doesn't intend to make money but if you can make savings on costs then why not! Now your community owners can connect their solar roofs between them and save energy costs individually. The solar installation will produce all the energy for free, all year, for each family. This is already a reality in many countries, cities and residential communities and in terms of solar irradiation, the Mediterranean is the most privileged area!


In Germany, with only half of the solar radiation that Spain has, almost all farms choose to incorporate solar energy. It is safe and reliable, with no moving parts, noise or odours, and it is maintenance-free. It produces all the energy needed for the operation and costs nothing. The energy savings and additional revenues cover all costs. (ask our service desk re. agro-leasing)


One of the finest examples of generating solar energy in spaces that serve no more than provide shade and protection for cars. If you calculate how many kilowatts per hour (kWh / year) you can generate in that much space, the parking revenues will soon become secondary!

other applications

There are so many interesting ways to make use of solar energy! Think of power plants on roofs or areas that are exposed to huge amounts of solar radiation. Even on cloudy days, solar energy continues every day. The result of your calculation certainly justifies any investment.