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Sistemas Energéticos Residenciales

home systems

Generally solar panels are installed on the roof of your house but can also be installed on the ground (garden). Roof panels generally capture more light (less shade) and would better protect against attempted vandalism or robbery. On Spanish latitudes panels should be at an inclination of 20-30 degrees horizontal, to capture maximum radiation (summer position). With solar charged batteries, 35-45 degrees would be better, which is the optimum sun slope in wintertime.
In Northern latitudes (UK, Holland, Germany) the optimum slope would be around 30 degrees in the summer and around 60 in the winter.

Besides, the panels must be positioned as much as possible to the south (South azimuth = zero / North azimuth = 180). Variations to these angles result in a slight decrease in energy production, but in reality no panel is installed in optimal conditions; Fixing the panels directly on sloping roofs and facing more or less to the South will produce efficiencies of around 90%. On flat roofs we use tilt structures (aluminum).

All options

Depending on what the customer wants and on your specific case, we have complete kits for all options:

1. net balance solar systems
2. isolated solar system
3. hybrid solar systems

Visit our online store for all options or get advice from our consultants.

content solar kit

All our solar kits contain all the components needed for easy installation. Installation can be done by you, by an electrical installer near you, or by a revosolar installation partner.

- 100% error-free tested and certified solar panels with 25 year warranty
- homologated and certified inverters with 10 year warranty
- anodized aluminium mounting structure with fixing bolds
- solar cables with plug & play connectors
- mounting instructions
- operation & maintenance manual

sistemas para hogares

Integrated systems

This type of solar energy system is integrated into the roof structure, following the design of the roof and the house. In some cases it can completely replace the whole roof (energy-roof). The design is adapted to the design of each house and therefore the cost of these systems is higher, although the results look much nicer.

Consult us for a tailor made project for your home.

sistemas integrados

unique features
This German manufacturer offers one of the most advanced solar systems in terms of aesthetics and functionality. This revolutionary technology (also applied in the automotive industry) responds to clear demands from architects and builders in the residential market: purity of design, safety, functionality and solar efficiency.

  • Integrated solar roof, including water and wastewater TIGHTNESS
  • possibility of integrating thermal hot water collectors (hot water and heating)
  • good ventilation and self-cleaning for maximum electricity production
  • possibility of including windows and terraces covers
  • Full integration with the design aesthetic of the house

... the system offers:

  • highly efficient mono-crystalline solar panels
  • electrical tolerance 0-4 W
  • materials 'made in Germany'
  • 4mm tempered highly transparent solar glass
  • 32mm laminated depth
  • stability and durability
  • Faster connections with Tyco Solarlok
  • electrical output warranty: 20 years 90%, 25 years 80%
sistemas integrados


Swiss Solar Systems

sistemas integrados

MegaSlate panels; major benefits:

  • solar laminated glass 6mm and tough
  • elegant design integrated into the building design
  • possibility of integrating collectors hot water (DHW and Heating)
  • good ventilation and self-cleaning for maximum energy production
  • possibility of integrating covered terraces
  • 100% wind, rain and snow proof
  • easy installation and replacement of parts (plug & go)
  • electrical output warranty: 20 years 90%, 25 years 80%

MegaSlate system
The unique features of this Swiss system are ideal for integrating solar energy into rustic buildings. In Switzerland this is also applied to ancient churches. The main product (MegaSlate) provides an elegant and highly finished design with high mechanical strength. Frameless solar panels replace conventional tiles and are used in the same way, with an overlap of 15 cm and rubber profiles. This provides full TIGHTNESS, so you can save significant costs in restoring the roof.


The unique features of the German system of Solon are its robustness, reliability and high solar efficiency. Solon offers a wide range of components and accessories, optimally adjusted for a proper fit and smooth operation;

Solon main benefits:

  • compatible with all types of roofs
  • synthetic frame module and 100% waterproof
  • suitable for inclinations of 22-60 ° roof
  • mono-crystalline technology
  • good ventilation and self-cleaning for maximum energy production
  • Includes roof insurance (hail, etc.)
  • 100% wind, rain and snow proof
  • includes free recycling of used modules
  • 10-year warranty, electricity production: 20 years 90%, 25 years 80%

Solyndra (California-USA)

The Solyndra system is a category by itself that has revolutionized the efficiency of the solar space. Designed and produced in California (USA), this system has earned many awards for its innovation and high efficiency solar production.

main benefits of Solyndra:

  • especially recommended for flat roofs
  • visually unobtrusive, installed horizontally, 30 cm high
  • good aesthetics for its simplicity and geometry
  • without need for spacing or tilt the panels
  • good ventilation and self-cleaning for maximum energy production
  • without drilling the roof (self-ballasting)
  • produces more energy per m2 of roof
  • 10-year warranty, electricity production: 20 years 90%, 25 years 80%

The heart of the system is the cylindrical photovoltaic cell. The panel does not have to be positioned at a certain angle to the sun, the sun will always be in a perfect angle (90 °). Additionally, solar cylinders also capture the light reflected by their environment, absorbing more solar radiation

Non-invasive installation, the system does not need to be anchored to the roof. The wind passes through the grid without creating lift forces (self-ballasting).

The air acts as an automatic air cooler, increasing the PV efficiency in hot climates.