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Autoconsumo Fotovoltáico

clean easy free

The client who has decided already to buy solar energy, enjoys clean, easy and free energy. Installation costs have dropped so much that producing your own energy is now attainable for everyone. The savings you get from a solar installation equals 6 times the investment over the 30 years of 'life' of the installation.

simply brilliant

The savings you make on your electricity bill returns the cost of a solar installation in just over 6 years. With bankfunding for sustainable installations, monthly savings equals the monthly payback. So we can say that a solar installation actually costs you nothing.

Typical of the new smart-economy age; simple and brilliant.

the 3 options

In principle there are three different ways to install solar power in your home, depending on the connection to the mains electricity companies:

a. isolated solar (no grid connection)
b. assisted solar (auto-consumption)
c. interconnected solar (net-balance)

a. isolated solar power

An isolated solar system means it is disconnected from the mains. We distinguish three cases:

1. The house has no connection to the network (off grid), for example in remote farmhouses and cottages. In this case you will have solar panels and batteries and it will also save the cost of bringing the power line to your house.

2. The house is connected to the network, but isn't used. In fact the network is switched off because it has solar panels during the day, and batteries for energy at night.

3. The house is connected to the network, but only at night when there is no solar energy; The house is isolated from the network during the day. We call this a hybrid system. In cases 2 and 3 Revosolar can supply our hybrid SOLARROUTER system.

b. assisted solar power

An assisted solar installation means that the house is connected to the mains and also to a solar installation, so both sources are always connected to the house. Solar power assists in lowering the electricity bill: During the day the house consumes its own solar energy, and if not sufficient, your house will take some extra current from the mains. When the solar system produces more energy in the house than consumed, this energy is lost.

c. interconnected solar: net balance

An interconnected solar installation means that the house is also connected to the mains and with a solar installation. The difference with assisited solar power is that the excess electricity produced by your solar system is fed-into the mains. In this case the house has a double input / output counter. The energy fed-in to the network can be consumed whenever you want for no cost, because it is produced by you, and so it is your property! No need to install batteries, because the power grid serves as our battery.

Thus at the end of the month, the balance between electricity consumed and injected into the network can be zero, and therefore your electricity bill also. Hence the name of NET BALANCE. This is the most convenient, efficient and universally adopted system in all countries within the European Union .... except in SPAIN!

Clearly the future of Spain is to follow this model, but for now the Spanish government prefers to protect the interests of the utility corporations, above the interests of the people, despite protests from around the world, including the European Union.

If you have any question related to the best system for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. There is always a solution!