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Energía gratis

there is no energy crisis!

A bold statement when energy prices are rising incessantly. The problem is that these prices are based solely on the cost of oil, which is running out. If power plants used only solar and wind power, the cost of fuel and energy would be nul. The only people who argue that there is an energy crisis, control or depend on the oil-gas-uranium business.

Therefore, if each of us would have our own solar generator, the energy crisis would be nonexistent. Except for the power industry, because it would mean the end of their business.

goodbye monopoly

The world relies on a few monopolized power corporations, the only ones with the 'license' to produce energy. This only holds value in the past when we needed gigantic facilities for energy production. But the world has changed now ...

In the 21st century this structure is completely outdated. The EU has decided that we should move to a more efficient model that generates the energy right where it is consumed, without requiring transport through a giant grid, which is costly, inefficient and vulnerable. In fact, new laws will force all EU countries in 2030 that every European home contributes to produce their own energy. This certainly means a revolution in the energy world. And definitively the end of the Jurassic park of Power Corporations.

free energy

It looks like an advertising slogan but it's not. Solar energy is completely free. It works quietly with no noise or odour, no moving parts, no mechanisms, no fuels, no maintenance and without causing any pollution. A solar panel is a glass panel, easy to produce and easy to install and durable with a 'life' of over 30 years. Direct it towards the sun and it generates an electric current, automatically, without doing anything ...

any doubt?

Solar energy is the only source of external energy of our planet. All other forms of energy are derived from (wind, biomass), finite (oil, gas), or dangerous and uncontrollable (nuclear). Capturing solar energy directly from the sun is the easiest and most efficient way to generate energy. A surface of solar panels of 400 x 400 km generates all the energy we need for the whole planet, including industries and transports! Any question about the usefulness of the Sun is redundant. It's our only source of life. More powerful than a trillion nuclear reactors, but at a safe distance! (Zero risk)

is it for me?

A strange question from a planet where King Sun sustains all forms of life. It would be strange not to use it. To save money, get more comfort at home, to drive cars, to stop flooding the world with CO2, oil and nuclear waste. It is not always there at our disposal? Could someone monopolize it? Exactly, never! We are all masters of the sun.

for my house?

The answer is Yes in 99% of the cases. Solar cells today can be used on decks, terraces, gardens, cars, windows, floors and walls. Soldiers of the United Nations live in tents of photovoltaic fabric that provides energy for light, cooling fans and computers. Spacelab live their daily lives, 35 laps per day, without fuel. And this year again, all speed records have been broken in races around the world in ships, cars and planes, with the sun as their only energy source. Do you still think that installing solar power in your home is difficult?

revolution at full speed

While the manufacturing of electric cars increases by 20% each year, last year 30 GigaWatts of solar panels have been installed in the world. A growth of 30% a year, creating an installed solarpark of 100 GigaWatts worldwide. This is equivalent to 100 nuclear power plants, but completely harmless, distributed amongst millions of individuals and small businesses. 70% of all this is installed in Europe. And we are only at the beginning ...

nobody stops a revolution!