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Calefacción Solar


heating the house is expensive

Have you ever added up the costs to heat your home and the water for shower, bath, and kitchen? An average of € 2.000,- per year per household. And we haven't seen anything yet. The current crisis is basically an energy crisis, and prices will increase without interruption. 80% of the energy consumption in a typical home is for heating and domestic hot water (DHW). Thus it is priority number 1 to minimize this cost.

heating the house is not expensive

One of the most spectacular innovations in energy saving technology is the heatpump which multiplies the heat efficiency by 400%, consuming the same amount of energy. In comparison, any combustion heater (Gas, Diesel), can never exceed 100% yield.

This means that you spend 4 times less energy than with any other system, and we can bring this down to zero if we connect your heatpump to our photovoltaic solar system. Depending on the type of heatpump we can generate temperatures of 45 °C to 80 °C and it can be connected directly to your existing radiators or hot water (DHW) network, or to a floor heating system, without any invasive work.

Heatpumps are so incredibly efficient that they are replacing all combustion heaters. Since there is no combustion, no chimneys or vent pipes are needed, offering total security and trouble-free use for many years. The substantial savings in energy costs payback the investment in only a few years (4-5).

0.0 cents of consumption

The Revotherm system is the combination of solar energy with a heatpump. The electricity needed to power the heatpump is produced by our solar PV and does not require anything else.

heat abuse

Imagine using all the heating and hot water you want without having to think about the cost. Or sustainability. Not spending or burning anything, and not receiving energy bills. We can even leave the heating on to a minimum when we go away for the weekend. Less moisture, better preservation of our favourite paintings and a very comfortable feel when we return home. All this without spending a penny and without harming the environment. This is what we call real comfort! The Revotherm system gives us all this.

- comparativa costes de calefacci�n -

thermal solar panels
capture the sun's heat

To capture the sun's heat, revosolar uses different thermal panels, depending on the needs of each application; low cost solutions for pools or high efficiency panels to squeeze every bit of heat from the sun;

  • polymer panels
  • glass panels and copper
  • roof integrated panels
  • heat pipes (vacuum tubes)
  • hybrid (PV + thermal)

Call our technical service and get advice for the best configuration of a thermal solar project.

heat pipes

Heat pipes are today the most efficient 'panels' to capture the sun’s heat. The system consists of glass pipes with a pure copper heat absorber in it. At the head of the tubes the heat is exchanged with a thermal fluid to the circulating water which is connected to the hot water supply in the house. The temperatures in the pipes can reach more then 100 degrees Celsius, which demands a special fluid with a high boiling point.

sanitary hot water (DHW)

The most common application of solar energy is the production of hot water, which is normally regulated at a temperature of max. 45 ° C and comes directly from the solar panels without additional aggregates. The hot water is accumulated in a stratified water accumulator that regulates the temperature and the exact needs of comfortable use of hot water throughout the house.

heating systems

Today heating systems can be provided by radiators, floor heating or hot air.

Radiators can be high-efficiency radiators (such as Jaga), operating at lower temperatures (45-65 ° C), or you can use your current radiators (temp. 60-80 ° C). The high-efficiency radiators can also function as cooling radiators during hot summer months.

Warm air systems operate with a heatpump and inverter which may work as both as airco and heat systems.

Floor heating systems combined with a heat pump is definitely the best solution because they work at low temperatures and offer a very high efficiency.

Ask for advice to our consultants for the best solutions for your home.

Floor heating: at your feet

The best results for solar heating are reached with a floor heating system, which is basically a network of flexible pipes under the floor of your house. The hot water from the solar panels directly circulates through the system and maintains the building at the desired temperature. The operating temperature is the same as the panels so that usually no further agregates are needed. Hot air always rises, so this system produces the best feeling of comfort. In cold climates (Northern Europe), the system could be reinforced with a heatpump.

air conditioning &dehumidifier

Do you want to use the sun's heat to cool the house? Well yes! The sun also serves to cool our house. Your installation of solar air conditioning can also regulate the humidity in your home or building. This can be especially important for ancient humid houses, indoor pools, spas and steam baths. The system not only dehumidifies the air but recovers heat and ventilates the whole area.