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nobody stops a Revolution!

We believe in a world powered by clean, abundant energy that is free for everyone. With today's technology, this is perfectly possible and the revolution is already in full swing... (read more)

there is no energy crisis!

A bold statement when energy prices are rising incessantly! The problem is that these prices are based solely on the cost of oil, which is running out...(read more)

goodbye monopolies

The world depends on a few monopolized power corporations, the only ones with a 'license' to produce energy. This was necessary in the past century, when we needed gigantic facilities for energy production. But the world has changed... (read more)

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Who we are ...

In the end we are all people who want a change. A revolution for something better. From the current model of large centralized monopolised corporations, contaminating and only oriented towards profit, towards an easy, accessible, clean, decentralized energy system, free for everyone. This is not a dream. With today's technology it is perfectly possible and the revolution is already in full swing!

With our children in mind

In practical terms this means durability, simplicity and low-cost for a rapid return. Our vision is 'win-win-win' (customer-world-us). If one of these parties fail, the system is no longer stable; ideas from the past century simply do not work anymore in todays’ permaculture. And we sincerely embrace the change. For our children. We hope you will join us soon!

your revosolar team